Guest Post! :D

Hello darlings! I have a treat for you! Melissa who blogs over at Girls For God allowed me to do a guest post! I am *so* thankful to God for this opportunity! Here is an expert of the post –

Modesty. It’s a word that gets a lot of hate. It is really misunderstood. But just what is modesty? What does it mean to be ‘modest’? People will answer this question differently; they will answer it according to their own beliefs.

For example, a more conservative person may answer with…

“Modesty is wearing clothes that are less revealing.”

“Modesty means that you dress the way the God wants.”

“It really matters what you are wearing!”

 A less conservative person might answer with this…

“Modesty means not wearing things like short shorts or crop tops.”

“God doesn’t care about the clothes!”

“Modesty is more about the heart of it that the actual clothes.”

For the rest of the post go here- Modesty: It’s Not Just About The Clothes