Right now Vs. What I should be doing

John Green, you genius.

I woke up this morning with the intent of writing the next part in my Beauty On A Budget series, but it didn’t happen. I got trapped in the cycle of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As I was checking all the blogs that I follow I noticed that Olivia (Fresh Modesty) had a new post up. I love all her posts, her blog is one of the best and realest (that’s a word) that are out there. I loved her new post so much that I decided to ‘steal’ the idea and do the same thing! And so now here is today’s post!

Right now I am…

Seeing… Snow fall outside
Hearing… Almost pure silence, family moving around getting breakfast
Smelling… The snow (Come on, I can’t be the only one that can smell snow!)
Tasting… Nothing, I need to get food
Needing… To type up the next post on “Beauty On A Budget”
Wanting… To see my amazing boyfriend 🙂
Regretting… Not sleeping in a tad more
Feeling… Off, I think there might be a bug in the house :/
Wishing… That April would come sooner
Thinking… Am I going to do well at my new job?
Laughing… At an older conversation that I had on Facebook
Recovering… From the shock of actually getting the job I applied for
Believing… That life does get better and good things happen
Anticipating… getting back to writing my novel
Dreaming… about 5ish years from now 😉
Praying… to the Lord to calm my fears about certain things 
Reading… different uplifting blogs
Singing… (Inside my head) God’s Great Dance Floor By Chris Tomlin
Wearing… Black skinny pants with a high-low tank and a sweater. Plus socks
Preparing… For the year ahead
Remembering… The feeling of his hand entwined with mine ❤
Trying… To understand that not everything is a big deal
Questioning… The unforeseeable future
Fearing… That I will lose the one that I love
Loving… My amazing God!
Googling… Lyrics to Wings by Little Mix
Choosing… To love and not hate
Working… On a list on future YouTube videos
Emailing… God Belongs In My City, Toronto needs them to come
Gluing… My nails (The glitter comes off easier)
Texting… No one, i don’t have a phone at the moment
Cracking… My knuckles, it’s a bad habit
Considering… Cutting my hair shorter
Turning… 18 in like 9 days!!
Biting… My nail, there is a piece that won’t come off
Reducing… The amount of time I spend surfing the web aimlessly
Longing… To spend time with friends and loved ones that I haven’t seen in a long time.
Suffering… with allowing myself to go without make-up for a day
Recognizing… That I need to love myself for myself
Checking… The prices on the Canon Rebel T3i
Organizing… My 1,000+ songs
Practicing… My dancing :p
Reckoning… That I should eat
Smiling… Because life is good and God is amazing!!