Love and pain
Loss and gain.
All just part of the
Unending game.
I guess if we were
To stop and believe
In something more
A smile would host permanent
On every frowning canvas.
Bleeding hearts are stabbed
We lovers are one and the same.
Who would care to hold a frail body, broken and bruised?
Why would we stop and think about those around us?
Loving, hating, all part of the unending game.
The unending game that we just so happen to call….Life.
(I wrote this please give credit if you want to use it elsewhere)

Death’s Song Has Been Sung

Say hello to days ahead
Say goodbye to words unsaid
I am no longer living free
But rather under lock and key
I am a slave to my own ways
And all time is in a daze

No matter how hard you try
All I hear is a lie
I have shut everyone out
When asked what this is about
Now for the truth to be told
Listen because I am quite bold

Once I loved a man
In a far off land
But a joker was he
and fooling only me
so here I like, ready for one
and death’s song has been sung

(I wrote this so please give credit if you want to use it elsewhere)

I can now fly

(Just a little poem/short story thing that I wrote)

I can now fly

Ragged breathing.

I open my eyes. I can hear the beeping of the machine. Then I see it. I’m in the hospital. There’s an IV in my right hand. I blink rapidly. My breathing is shallow almost forced really. My body aches all over. I look down at my legs, they are in casts under a flimsy sheet. I take a deeper breath but instantly regret it. My chest feels like it’s on fire. All I can hear is the steady beeping and muffled speech outside the door at the far side of my room. I am so tired but every time I close my eyes the memories come rushing in.

Lamp on the ground
-yelling again-
-going up stairs-
Ragged breathing.
(Flashback ended)

I could still feel the air rushing past me…the ground closer and closer with each passing second. The tears being flung upwards as my numb body plunged down. I shake my head. I don’t understand. How am I here?

door opens
mum walks in
places flowers on the table
walks out

It’s now been 3 weeks since I jumped. I’m still in the same bed. Only getting up if I have to. Mum hasn’t come back. Doubt she will. Best friend came. She tried talking with me but ended up leaving in tears. I stare at the clock. Wishing that I wasn’t here.

Nurse came in and said I was moving rooms. Just down the hall though. I share this room with a boy. Looks like he broke his arm.

I’ve lost count of how long I’ve been here but I haven’t talked at all. Doctor and dad came today to chat. They said that I could go home.

Car door shuts

We arrive home. Brother is on the Xbox in his room. I go to mine and curl up on the bed. I fall asleep. I dream.


I open my eyes. I can’t so this anymore. I get up.

Pour them down
Drink water
Sink to the floor

I close my eyes and find peace

I now can fly