Letting Go│Letting God

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  People talk about “letting go.” Like just let go of the pain, let go of what holds you down or back. Let go of people that hurt you. Move on and let it go. (and here we pause to belt out the all too familiar song from Frozen. Come on I know you want to!) But I have a something for you to ponder on, what if instead of letting it go, you simply just let God. I know I know, you are sitting there and thinking “But Rebekah, what on earth do you mean Let God? Let God what? Take control of my life? Let him worry about the hard stuff? Let him deal with the tough people? No no no, God is WAY too busy to take on my day to day stuff. nah I’m just gonna deal with it.”

  So, uhm, how’s that working for you? How happy are you really? I know, you are unhappy. You are stressed. You feel like any day now you are going to rip out your hair and sink to the floor and cry. Or just sink to the floor and sob like a new-born baby. Hey there’s no shame in admitting it, we have ALL been there. In fact that was me a few weeks ago. Life seemed to just hate loath me and no matter what I did I couldn’t do things right. I couldn’t fix my unhappiness. Even when everything came crashing down and my parents were there to help me, I still wasn’t happy. (I had made some bad decisions and got caught up in some stuff that wasn’t good) Then it hit me. I was letting go, but I wasn’t letting God. I was letting go of the bad stuff but there was no where for it to go really, it just sat in the back of my head where I didn’t realize that I was still thinking about it. So then I decided that enough was enough. I needed to take it to the one person that could deal with all of this the right way.

  When I gave over my issues, troubles and cares to God, everything changed. The Psalmist wrote it perfectly “Cast your burden on the Lord,and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” (Psalms 55:22) There is a promise there that if we give over our burdens (or our cares; see 1 Peter 5:7) to God that things are going to be so much easier. No, that doesn’t mean that we are going to live a perfect life and the reason for that is the fact that we don’t live in a perfect world. Life is never going to be easy but for me there is huge comfort in knowing that I don’t have to do this all alone. Yes, I have great family and friends and an amazing church family but above all I have an AWESOME God who will never let me go. (oh the irony) 

  So I am inviting you all to join me in the process of Letting God. I want you all to experience the great joy and relief of letting God take over of your troubles. Watch as your stress level lowers and watch as you become happier. Once you let God have your issues, watch as the people around you start asking why you are a much better person. In fact you may get asked if you are on drugs (My manager at work swore that I was either high or drunk) In fact, I want you to get high. I want you to get drunk. I want you to get high and drunk on the Lord. I dare you to become so in love with him that strangers come up to you and ask you why you are so happy. That is my dare for you.



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