Never Alone (and other important stuff I guess)

You rescued me, and I believe
That God is love, and He is all I need
From this day forth, for all eternity
I’ll never wander on my own
For I am yours until you call me home
I close my eyes, and I can hear you say
“You’re not alone”, oh oh-oh
“You’re not alone”, oh oh-oh

  Life is somewhat a hardship. We go through so much and often feel so alone. And yet never are not alone, we are never alone. This post is so hard for me to write, Lately I have felt so very alone. I can be in a room filled with people I call my friends and yet still feel completely and utterly alone. Currently it’s 12:40…am…I’ve had a crazy week and the weekend isn’t going to be much better. I feel so tired and yet I don’t want to sleep. I was mindlessly watching YouTube videos when I remembered that I needed to write a new post for here (seeing as my last one was in October of last year…oops)

  I’ve wondered where this blog is going, it’s not my first blog and honestly I don’t know why I continued to blog. I suck. I never remember to write, and when I do I feel like the quality, again, sucks. In general I pretty much suck…or do I? I think we put too much strain on ourselves as a whole. We ask too much of not only others but also ourselves. We forget to put Christ first in our lives. We forget to realize just how much we are worth. We forget that the King of Kings left his heavenly home above, came down as a baby, grew up just like all the other children around him, became a man, and then fulfilled what He was “destined” to do.

  I have no idea what I’m doing or saying right now, it just feels really good to be writing again. I mean, I’ve written a few more “poems” but that writing is different than this. This is more like an open letter to everyone who happens to stumble onto my blog. This is an open letter to anyone and everyone. For so long I have hid, and now it’s time for change. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth” (Romans 1:16)