2015 Retrospective


  A lot of things happened this past year, I changed a lot as a person and as a Christian. I made a lot of bad choices, but I still clung to God. I never thought that I would go through what I did. It really affected me, and I struggled with so many things. I didn’t think that I would move a total of 3 times in the span of less than 4 months. I didn’t think that I would suffer so much. But I’m glad that everything has happened as it did. I have learned a chapter book of things.

  I learned that I can’t count on anyone, including myself, other than God. He is the only one that won’t ever give up on me, even when I gave up on myself. I learned that love is not what I thought that it was, and I got hurt. But I learned that I can take that hurt and make something beautiful out of it.

  I honestly don’t know what the new year olds for me but I trust God and I’m excited. I know that good things will happen, not just bad things. And I know that no matter what happens, God is walking beside me and He is holding my hand each and every day. I would be in hell without Him. So here is to the new year, may God perform miracles.