Open Letter To The Boys Who Broke My Heart

DC000274 - Copy

Dear Boys,

  Yes I said boys, you don’t get to be called men. You acted like you are above the law. (which is funny considering the history of one of you.) You tried putting the blame on me, saying things like “You’re crazy and This isn’t what I thought you would be like and This is too hard” But I’m who I am, I told you that when I love, I love with my whole heart. Maybe you weren’t ready for commitment, and hey, that’s okay. But you should have the decency to tell me that.

  I could call you all out, name by name and tell the world of the wrongs you committed, but that would be spiteful of me. I don’t want revenge, I want you to know that I forgive you. Yes, you may have broken my heart, but you taught me that things don’t always work out in life. By your actions, pain did flow but so did hope, and forgiveness, and even love.

  I wish you all the best in your lives, I pray that God uses you to further His glory. I pray that you look back and reflect on your life so that if one day you have sons, you can teach them to do better. I pray that each of your lives would flourish and you receive everything that your heart truly wants. I pray that you find someone that you can love and take care of and make beautiful memories.

  Yes, my heart is broken, but God and I are mending it together. I am traveling down a road that is so beautiful. I may be broken, but I am stronger now. So boys….thank you.


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