An Open Letter To My Best Friend

l (2).jpg

Dear Best Friend,

  We haven’t known each other since birth, but you are the person that I’m closest with. You have seen me at my highs and lows. You have laughed and cried with me. You have been mad at me, you have been proud of me, but most of all, you have been there for me. I don’t say thank you enough, and some days I take you for granted.

  You have seen me at my worst, when my depression took over, when I hadn’t showered for days. You stayed up till the wee hours of the morning talking with me, making sure that I was okay. You reassured me that I was going to be okay, that things wouldn’t stay bad. You promised not to give up on me like others have.

   When I gave up on myself, you didn’t give up on me. When I didn’t have the strength to go on, you gave me strength. When I didn’t love myself, you gave me love. You have been there for me like no other has. When boys broke my heart, you not only wanted to hurt them, but you told me that I was worth so much more than how they treated me.

  I love nothing more than talking with you about silly things, like kdramas and beautiful male actors. I love laughing with you, you know what I enjoy. You sometimes think that you are a bother, but you’re not. I love when you spam me with messages about Scary Cop. I love when we die over things like your co-workers, or the otp that I have.

  You are more than my best friend, you are my sister. and I love you.


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