What Does God Want?


  What does God want? That’s something that many, if not all Christians ask at some point in their walk with Christ. When I told my friend that I was writing this post she said “He wants you to read the Bible and figure it out, easy done bye.” But is that really it? Just read the Bible and stumble through life trying to figure out life? I don’t think so, I think that would lead to us making a lot of mistakes, more than we would normally make as the imperfect humans that we are.

  Miach 6:8 says “He has told you, O Man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness (mercy) and to walk humbly with your God?” But just what does that mean? What is justice? What does it mean to love kindness (or mercy, as some translations use.) And what does it mean to walk humbly with God? I think that we need to take a deeper look into this verse to fully understand.

  Justice, it means “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness” So to Do Justice means to act or treat justly or fairly and to appreciate properly.  Honestly, that’s pretty simple, and it goes back to Jesus saying “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I don’t think it can be explained better than that.

  Kindness/Mercy, they mean, “compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or other person in one’s power; compassion, pity, or benevolence.” So to Love Kindness/Mercy means to love what what is good, what is kind, to forgive those who do evil to you. 

  Humble, means “not proud or arrogant, modest and to make meek” So To walk humbly with your God means to not be proud, to realize that God is greater than us, He is above us. Often we think being humble is a bad thing, but when it comes to what God wants (hint hint) it’s one of the things that He requires of us!

  If we put all of this together, God wants us to treat others fairly, love our neighbor as yourselves, love what is good, love what is kind, and to realize that He is greater than us, so as we are going through our walk with Him, have the utmost respect for Him. Now comes the question that will be the subject of the next post, “What does it mean to walk with God?” 


Save Me, O God


“Save me, O God! For the waters have come up to my neck, I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the flood sweeps over me. I am weary with my crying out; my throat is parched. My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God.” Psalm 69:1-3

   When David is overwhelmed he cries out to God. He knows that only the Most High can save him. So many times in our lives we look for help in others and though we may find help, it is nothing compared to the peace that comes from Christ. Whereas David sank, we will walk above it all only if we put our complete trust in the one and only Jesus Christ, when we are weary of our crying, Christ will indeed come to us. He comes to us when we are humble. When our pride is broken, He comes for the broken. Because, the broken need saving.

This is evident in my own life; God always showed up when I needed Him most. He has perfect timing. We may think that God isn’t helping us or listening to us, but in reality He is waiting. He knows when we honestly need Him and will accept what plans He has for us. He waits for us, He wants us to give him everything, our hopes, our dreams, our worries, our stress, our everything. Only then will we start experiencing Him in His fullness.

These past few months have been so hard on me, I have felt every single emotion known to mankind. I have been very much like David, I’ve struggled so much. But I’m still here, I’m still serving God. Last night I attended a Youth Worship Night, and wow, I never realized just how much I needed fellowship with others who are on fire for God, with people that have the same vision for God that I do. And I’ll be honest, it was a hard night. I’ve been filled with guilt and shame over many of the things that I have done, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of anything. As the night started, we sang a few songs, things were going okay, then they did the Everything Skit and, I frickin cried. It was my life story, more or less. And it was so hard to watch, because I am still dealing with SO much.

A little later, a young woman gets up, and she starts sharing her life story. And yes, I started crying again. As she was sharing, I felt God saying to me, you need to get up and share. Mind you, this was the first time being there and I only knew one person really in the room. Long story short, I did get up and I spoke, I went into all the dirty details of my life, and I was so raw and honest. Which was somewhat awkward because when it got to the relationship part, my ex was in the room (oops, sorry dude.) I really see that God is doing a work in and through me. I don’t know what exactly He wants me to do but I trust that He will hold me through everything.